#1 Works commissioned / written for LAPS

#1a Works for the ensemble of amplified instruments and electronics/laptops
  • Claude LEDOUX LAPS resident composer

Laps Init 1.0 (2013)
PLS Ap Download 1.2 (2015) (Please application download)
sound track with instrumental improvisation
Laps Upgrade 2.0 (2015)
Stage Music for "Nuisibles" (2022)


  • Gilles DONEUX LAPS resident composer

The cathedral and the Bazaar (2013)
Zapping (2015)
(Dé)Fragmentation (2016)


  • Pierre SLINCKX LAPS resident composer

LAPS#1 (2014) for clarinet, saxophone, piano and two laptops


  • Gilles GOBERT LAPS resident composer

Piece #1 (2015) for ensemble with laptops


  • Geoffrey FRANÇOIS LAPS resident composer

Beep@Loop/Laps (2016 - Work in progress) for ensemble with laptops



  • Juan ARROYO (France-Peru)

Sonrio/Solozzo - pour violoncelle hybride et Laps Ensemble /
for Hybrid Cello and ensemble with laptops (2015)


  • Guillaume AUVRAY (Belgium)

Synergy (2015)


  • Yuta BANDOH (Japan)

Jeux 1 : Ballons (2015) for ensemble with laptops


  • Joao CEITIL (Portugal)

Offing (2018) for ensemble with laptops


  • Eliott DELAFOSSE (B)

phase-locked loops (2019) for ensemble with laptops


  • Lanqing DING (China)

La Nébuleuse (2015) for ensemble with laptops


  • Peter FAHEY (Irland)

Assembly Line (2018) for ensemble with laptops


  • Tomoko FUKUI (Japan)

Singin In The Wind (2015) for ensemble with laptops


  • Maxime GEORIS (Belgium)

You've met with a terrible fate, isn't it ? (2015) for cello, clarinet, saxophone, piano and two laptops


  • Christophe GUIRAUD (Belgium)

Das Gewirr +/- Unfinished Altar I., II. & III. (2019) for voice (mezzo) and ensemble with laptops


  • Mingge GUO (China)

Huan (2016) for violin, cello, piano and two laptops


  • He He (China)

Clapper talk (2019) for ensemble with laptops


  • Stefan HEJDROWSKI (Belgium)

Conte en pli (2016) for (bass) clarinet, saxophone, piano and two laptops


  • Joshua HEY (USA)

The Book of Jokes (2015) for violin, cello, clarinet, two laptops and video


  • Jerome MONET (Belgium)

Le tombeau aux 12 crapules (2019) for ensemble with two laptops


  • Stephane ORLANDO (Belgium)

Time Machine (2015) for ensemble with laptops


  • Sami STRAZIMIRI (Belgium)

Burn Out (2018) for ensemble with laptops


  • Akiko YAMANE (Japan)

Dots Collection no 18 (2016) for ensemble with laptops


#1b Works for solo amplified instrument and electronics/laptop(s)


  • Gilles DONEUX LAPS Resident Composer

E-Klavierstücke I (2019)
Interaction #2 (2014)


  • Geoffrey FRANÇOIS LAPS Resident Composer

Laps (clarinet & electronics)
Couleurs bout à bout (Sax sopr & electronics)
Un Bruit Couleur De Ciel (saxophone sop, piano & electronics)
Beep@Loop (Clarinet & laptop)


  • Gilles GOBERT LAPS Resident Composer

Piece pour piano et laptop #1 (2013)
Piece pour piano et laptop #2 (2015)
Piece pour piano et laptop #3 (2016)
Piece pour violon et electronics


  • Alice HEBBORN LAPS Resident Composer

Saisons (piano & laptop - 2021-22)


  • Claude LEDOUX LAPS Resident Composer

Shinjuku’s Blues (piano & electronics)
Dolphin Tribute (Bass Clarinet & electronics)
A Walnut for Emi (piano or Keyboard and laptop)


  • Pierre SLINCKX LAPS Resident Composer

JN#1 (cello & electronics)



  • Chengbi An (China)

Gediao (piano & electronics)


  • Kee-Yong CHONG (Malasya/China)

Timeless Motion (Cello, Three Laptops and "live painting)


  • Jean-Pierre DELEUZE (Belgium)

Sonances de l'An Levant - Violin and laptop version (2017)


  • Aurélien DUMONT (France)

Echappées-Pauses pluitées (cello & laptop version – 2019)


  • Silvio FERRAZ (Brazil)

Cortazar ou quarto com caixa vazia (piano & electronics)


  • Jose-Luis GARCIA-JIMENEZ (Spain)

Amaneces (Video, piano & electronics)
Video by Olivier Chatté


  • Natsuki Nakajima (Japan)

Glitch+Form (Saxophone + electro)


  • Alex Recio (Spain)

Optikal Sound (piano & laptop – 2021)


  • Alithea RIPOLL (Belgium)

Ghosts(s)LAP(s)itup ! (Clarinet & laptops)


  • Octavi RUMBAU (Spain)

One Paradox 2.0 (2018) for piano and three laptops
One Paradox 2.0 (2019) version for piano and keyboard/laptop
One Paradox 2.0 (2019) version for video, piano and keyboard/laptop


  • Claire-Melanie Sinnhuber (France)

Hortus Mechanicus (2021) for piano & laptop

Pieces for 2 live electronic musicians/laptops



#3 PROJECT with a DJ

Concert with DJ Squeaky Lobster (Loran Delforge)